Our Assignment

Our Assignment at Victory is very simple: Every Believer a Disciple.  This means that we are a disciple making church.

To go into the world and make disciples. To lead people to a place in their life where Jesus is not only their Savior but also Lord. 

Our Four Values

  • Community

    A disciple understands that we are not meant to walk out our spiritual journey alone. We are meant to live in Community with one another. When we say community, we do not mean just a "see you once a week" community, but an intentional sharing  our lives with each other.  

  • Growth

    A disciple is very diligent in their own spiritual growth. We are created as a 3-part being: Body, Soul, and Spirit. We believe that growing in each of these areas is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship with the Lord.

  • Worship

    A disciple lives a life of worship. In our modern culture, we confuse worship with music. Yes, worship can be music but "worship" encompasses many aspects of life. In Romans 12:2, Paul wrote to "Give" your bodies to God and to let them be a living and holy sacrifice, this is truly the way to worship Him. Our life as a disciple is a life of always honoring the Lord.

  • Mission

    A disciple lives on mission and purpose. When people think of mission, normally foreign mission trips come to mind, but this concept to live on mission goes well beyond mission trips. Everyday we have a mission from the Lord, which is to spread the Good News no matter where we are or what career we have.