Discovering Your Purpose

Would it be great to know what God has called you to do? We believe that every person has a unique calling to do something that God has created them to do.  In Track 2, we help you discover your God given purpose. In this class we will go over what is purpose, spiritual gifts, and personalities. Be sure to download the pdf form below to get started. Please save the file to your desktop for your use and to return the form later. You can do this by clicking the link below, then go to 'File>Save As' in the menu bar at the top of the screen to download the file to your computer. Then you can simply open the file and follow along with the video. Don't forget you can either email the completed form in by clicking on the "Submit Form" button, or you can print the form out, fill it in, and turn it in at theHUB when you attend church. However, you must download the file to your computer to do either one! Some browsers only open a preview of the file and won't let you save or submit once you're done. If you have any questions or need assistants please don't hesitate to email us.