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Our ministry is designed to touch families, present practical insights for everyday living, and give you an opportunity to have a supernatural encounter with God. 

We believe that God has a plan for your life and we are here to help you find that plan and live it to the fullest.

Small Groups

Community is one of our core values, and authentic community doesn't always happen in the 5 minutes before service, it happens in day to day life. Authentic community happens in living rooms, and that's what small groups are for. Victory is not a church that has Small Groups but Victory is a Small Group Church.  We believe that discipleship happens best in community and that community happens best in Small Groups!



Kidmo is our children's ministry for 4 year olds to 5th grade. Kidmo stands for Kids in Motion, and we have a vision to inspire children to get in motion and start pursuing Jesus. Kidmo takes place on Sunday morning during our normal service. 

the LP youth

The LP is our Youth Ministry that is for Middle and High School students. The LP stands for the "Launch Pad" and has a vision to Launch teenagers into their God given destiny. The LP meets on Wednesdays at 6pm.

the Ark

The Ark is our little ones ages 0-3 years old. Our Ark team is not here just to babysit, but we have designed a church service for your children with illustrated lessons and times of worship.