Welcome to Small Group Leader Training

On this page you will find everything you need to get your small group going. You must complete all training videos in order to register your group.   If you have any questions, please email Pastor Lori at smallgroups@victoryworshipcenter.com

Part 1

In Training video part one, Brady and Lori sit down and discuss what do Victory small groups look like including types of groups, what every small group must have, and some areas to look out for. Ready to jump in? Download the fill in pdf document and click on the video link. 



Part 2

In Training part two, Brady and Lori go over the Small Group Leader Launch Kit (don't have it? download below)! In the launch kit, we give simple ideas on how to have a successful small group meeting.  Click on the video link below to get started. 



Ready to Connect

After completion of all training videos and resources, You are now ready to register your group.  You can do so by click HERE