Welcome to Small Group Leader Training

On this page you will find everything you need to get your small group going. You must complete all training videos in order to register your group.  Also if you have not gone through are Catch the Vision Tracks, please do so before you begin.  Also go ahead and fill out the volunteer form after Catch the Vision Track 2 and be sure to click on small group leader on the area you are wanting to serve.  If you have any questions, please email us at smallgroups@victoryworshipcenter.com

Part 1

In Training video part one, Pastor Lori teaches on the heart of a small group leader.  When you say yes to being a leader, you are saying yes to more than just fellowshipping with people.  You are stepping up into a leadership role of discipling people. Attached below are the notes so you can follow along if you would like. 


Part 2

In Small Group Leader Training part 2, Pastor Lori goes into details about what small groups at Victory look like.  We also discuss some things to do and not do to make your small group become everything you want it to be. Below you will find the notes pdf attached if you would like to follow along. Also Lori talks about the Launch Kit and you can find that linked below. 

PDF Notes

Launch Kit

Ready to Connect

After completion of all training videos and resources, You are now ready to register your group.  So click I am ready to register.  Thank you for saying Yes to be a Small Group Leader.